So every airbender who will ever live will be all related to Aang..

I mean, technically..

So in a few hundred years, what if an airbender marries another airbender? THEY’LL PROBABLY BE RELATED.

(this correspondes to this post)

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    so I guess since Bumi had such strong genetic basis he was just to lazy (or perhaps he just liked Sokka too much) to...
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    It must be genetic to some extent, there is most likely a genetic pre-disposition which determines whether the child is...
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    Aang discovered a small herd of them during the 70 year time skip between series, and I’m pretty sure there’s three on...
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    I thought Toph was already an earthbender but no one taught her until the badgermoles? I always assumed that bending...
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    That’s a good point. Though Toph was sort of a special case, I think, because she had a connection to them and was open...
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    Probably because airbending is more spiritual. Other nations are more technique driven so for example: Toph learned...
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    Wasn’t it mentioned at some point that the reincarnation isn’t necessarily instant? Something to do with the avatar...
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    In canon, water benders were taught by the moon. It’s also canon that bending is spiritual. We know it’s not genetic...
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    Mako is a fire bender while Bolin is an earth bender. How did no one bring this up?
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    i don’t see any reason why not, but Aang and Katara had an airbender, a waterbender, and a non-bender. so I don’t know,...
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    Unless non-bending Air Acolytes achieve the spiritual enlightenment that allows other airbenders to be born. That could...
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